Investing in a Triple Net Lease for Wealth Preservation

Investing in a Triple Net Lease for Wealth Preservation

A triple net lease is a safe and reliable investment option. Net Lease World offers these types of properties that can guarantee a consistent source of income.

Triple net lease properties are becoming one of the most popular investments in recent years. It’s a very low-risk option for investors because they’re guaranteed to get income without worrying about other expenses. Add to that the fact that you have the choice to sell when you want, and it becomes a path for anyone to preserve their wealth.

Also known as an NNN property, some experts argue that investing in it can even rival the safety offered by traditional markets like stocks. If you’re looking for these types of properties, Net Lease World has them available. Choose from different high-quality net lease investment properties across the US.

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What is a Triple Net Lease?

A triple net lease has lesser pressure on the landlord compared to other rental types. In this agreement, the tenant has to pay for three main costs in running the property. These are:

Property taxes

Insurance premiums


They pay for this aside from the agreed rent in the contract. Because they’re paying for most of the other costs, the landlord often gets most of the income. The payoff is that the tenant usually pays for a lower base rent to compensate.

Some landlords even offer a bondable net lease. It’s an agreement that disallows those in the contract to terminate it before its expiration date. There is also no way to alter these contracts to avoid conflict of interest. The bondable lease also prevents tenants from getting out of the agreement early because of the costs associated.

Triple net lease contracts are often long-term. You’ll find that many of them last for more than ten years.

If you’re looking for triple net lease property in your area, Net Lease World has properties in different locations in the US. Get the property you want and begin preserving your wealth through the use of a triple net lease.

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Returns from a Triple Net Lease Property

A triple net lease property can provide a consistent cash flow compared to other investments. Compared to markets like stocks, there is a tendency for flat or downward years with no income. While these investments perform well in the long term, consistency during these moments is a concern. You could enter into a high point in the market, only to lose a percentage of your investment after a few months.

NNN properties provide increasing returns. You are not responsible for taxes, insurance premiums, and maintenance. You can even take it further by buying several NNN properties with different commercial uses and locations. It’s a way to diversify, creating an income pool with the lowest possible risk.

Realistically, markets like stocks provide around 7-9% annual returns adjusted for inflation. NNN investments have the same, though there is less uncertainty as you’re not dealing with volatile markets.

If you’re looking for this consistency that has low risk, check properties from Net Lease World. We have different areas and investments you can choose from. Buy a property to start your portfolio or begin diversifying it through us.

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The Advantages of a Triple Net Lease

A triple net lease agreement gives you many advantages that aren’t available with other leases. Here’s what you can expect and why many investors are now opting for it:

  • Long-term and consistent returns: Since net lease agreements often work for at least ten years, you have the advantage. The value of rentals often comes down to how long a property can maintain a tenant. By design, a triple net lease provides the most consistent source of income for its investor.
  • Premiere Locations: You’ll often find triple net lease properties at business and city centers. They get a lot of traffic because of their proximity to other popular businesses. You can expect businesses to develop interest because of the location.
  • Tax benefits: Since the tenant pays for property taxes, investors can write this into their business expenses. It all depends on how the accountant sets it up, but there are potential benefits.
  • Low risk: The investor won’t have to use any money for upkeep or taxes. It is this reason why triple net leases are considered very low-risk investments.
  • Fewer time constraints: What happens with leases is that the landlord has to manage a lot of paperwork behind the scenes. Since the tenant answers most building costs, investors will have more free time to pursue other things.

A great addition to any portfolio: a triple net lease can become a conservative addition to any portfolio. You can use it to build equity, gaining returns until such time that you decide to sell it for another venture.

A triple net lease provides many benefits you won’t find among other rentals. It’s a great addition to those wanting stability and consistency with their investment returns. If you’re looking for such a property, Net Lease World has what you’re looking for.

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A Stable Option for Any Investor

There is no doubt that a triple net lease can provide a consistent form of revenue to those that want it. It’s a way to build a portfolio and create alternate guaranteed income. Having at least one can help you lower the volatility of traditional markets.

If you’re looking for an NNN investment, net lease world offers a variety of properties across America. You have the freedom to choose from different markets and get the lease you desire. Our passion is to serve our clients. Contact us or browse our selection today.

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