Advantages of Buying A Triple Net Lease Car Wash

Advantages of Buying A Triple Net Lease Car Wash

Smart investors seeking new commercial real estate investments can consider purchasing a car wash for sale. Automatic vehicle washes are popular among both individuals and business owners. It’s a quick approach for the driver to check that the elements don’t impact the automobile. Rust reduces the value of an automobile, yet frequent car washes prevent rust from forming.

It is an opportunity for company owners to own a business that does not need public explanation. Drivers understand what a vehicle wash is and are extremely acquainted with the notion.

Washing a vehicle may not seem like much, but it is an important part of the auto maintenance procedure. You probably don’t have time to stand in your driveway with a sponge and bucket these days. Fortunately, you are not alone. Car washes are a billion-dollar business year after year; California tops the country in car wash revenue ($1.6 billion).

Because the driver just has to show up, it’s considered a convenience with a price attached. Purchasing an existing car wash for sale allows you to avoid the development process and get a company that is already operational.

The main 3 types of car washes

When looking to buy a car wash, it is critical to understand the three fundamental car wash company models: full-service conveyor operations, express drive-through locations, and self-service facilities with bays. According to the ICA, there are 63,000 total car washes in the United States, with the fast drive-through being the most popular.

The “tunnel” wash, also known as an automated car wash, employs a long building for soaping and rinsing vehicles as they move on a conveyor and are afterward dried and vacuumed by staff waiting at the end of the tunnel. For an investor seeking an automated car wash for sale, a tunnel car wash would be suitable.

Full-service or hand vehicle washes often cost $14 or more for a wash that involves a labor-intensive procedure and various add-ons such as detailing, petrol, a convenience shop, or a lubrication stop. According to Brandon Gaille, a small company and marketing specialist, the average yearly income for these huge car washes is $686,250. This is also the most expensive option to join the business −

these enterprises often cost more than $1 million and provide the greatest sales and profits. It is by far the most demanding of the car wash concepts, with staff to manage and a seven-figure cost. These firms are often owned by a corporation or partnership with two or more owners contributing funds, borrowing ability, and managerial time.

Express, drive-through systems with clients remaining in their vehicles throughout the wash are much smaller installations. In general, no hard effort is required, with the exception of the customer’s do-it-yourself vacuuming at the conclusion. Customers often pay between $3 to $12 for a short wash, and these establishments rely on a large number of customers to meet their sales targets. Drive-through vehicle washes generate an average yearly income of $139,000.

Finally, the third form is the “self-service” model, which uses separate bays with wash wands and soap brushes for customers to clean the outside of their vehicles. These are the least expensive to buy and also the least profitable. Some have coin-operated vacuum cleaners for cleaning the inside. A two-bay operation’s average yearly income is $41,000, making it a great investment opportunity for individuals searching for a coin car wash for sale or a self-service car wash for sale.

Triple Net Leases with low risks

The way car washes are constructed. It is one of the reasons why they are so beneficial for investors. The fee-free triple net lease is the hidden weapon that allows many investors to earn easily from owning a car wash while leasing it to another company owner.

A fee-free triple net lease may seem hard, but it’s rather simple. You own the property, but someone else pays the bills. That other person is the renter in this scenario. The renter is liable for the property taxes as well as the vehicle wash fees. This separation allows the investor to get all of the advantages of owning a car wash without having to worry about personnel or equipment expenditures.

Given the nature of car washes, renters will rent the space from you for many years rather than just a few months. This implies that estimating how much money to anticipate during the lease period is simple.

Car wash business evaluation

A car wash for sale may be a very simple company to run, but establishing its worth may be difficult. There are several assessment methodologies offered, and the valuation issue is exacerbated by the question of whether or not real property is involved.

One typical industry recommendation is to begin by estimating the market worth of the assets, which includes equipment, upgrades, and inventories. To calculate the total, take an inventory of components and supplies at their current prices and include the assessed worth of the property, buildings, and equipment if they are included in the sale.

The worth of the company must be added to this value. That amount is often calculated by multiplying the seller’s yearly discretionary income by a factor of two to three. If the proper multiplier is closer to two or three, it is determined by the same elements that are considered when appraising any firm, such as location and equipment quality.


The future seems bright for car wash net leasing prospects as car wash operators pursue additional sale-leasebacks aimed at luring private investors prepared to pay a record-level premium price in today’s market. Demand should remain robust as more investors choose service-based options such as car washes versus the usual net leasing investment.

So if you are still wondering if you should invest in a car wash, think no more. This is a great opportunity to expand your business and increase your capital. Most importantly, analyze in detail the information we told in this article.

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