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Houston , TX
$ 2,478,260
  • Year Remaining : 20.5
  • Cap Rate : 3.90%
  • NOI : $96,652
  • Monthly NOI : $8,054
  • Property Id : 291
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Wayne , WV
$ 2,165,724
  • Year Remaining : 7.1
  • Cap Rate : 5.63%
  • NOI : $121,822
  • Monthly NOI : $10,152
  • Property Id : 373
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Amarillo , TX
$ 3,389,932
  • Year Remaining : 20.5
  • Cap Rate : 3.90%
  • NOI : $132,207
  • Monthly NOI : $11,017
  • Property Id : 288
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Riverside , CA
$ 4,800,000
  • Year Remaining : 14.8
  • Cap Rate : 3.75%
  • NOI : $180,000
  • Monthly NOI : $15,000
  • Property Id : 424
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Flower Mound , TX
$ 4,160,000
  • Year Remaining : 5.3
  • Cap Rate : 5.00%
  • NOI : $208,000
  • Monthly NOI : $17,333
  • Property Id : 230
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Pewaukee , WI
$ 4,893,000
  • Year Remaining : 13.8
  • Cap Rate : 5.75%
  • NOI : $281,332
  • Monthly NOI : $23,444
  • Property Id : 265
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Dollar General
West Olive , MI
$ 2,016,495
  • Year Remaining : 15
  • Cap Rate : 4.85%
  • NOI : $97,800
  • Monthly NOI : $8,150
  • Property Id : 126
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Dollar General
Lake City , MI
$ 1,661,682
  • Year Remaining : 14.5
  • Cap Rate : 5.35%
  • NOI : $88,900
  • Monthly NOI : $7,408
  • Property Id : 158
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Dollar General
Pocahontas , IL
$ 1,630,000
  • Year Remaining : 13.1
  • Cap Rate : 5.25%
  • NOI : $85,560
  • Monthly NOI : $7,130
  • Property Id : 190
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Coachella , CA
$ 11,099,280
  • Year Remaining : 12.5
  • Cap Rate : 5.25%
  • NOI : $582,712
  • Monthly NOI : $48,559
  • Property Id : 97
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Bank of America
Fair Lawn , NJ
$ 6,050,000
  • Year Remaining : 2.8
  • Cap Rate : 7.00%
  • NOI : $423,500
  • Monthly NOI : $35,292
  • Property Id : 41
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Asheboro , NC
$ 3,150,000
  • Year Remaining : 5.8
  • Cap Rate : 5.50%
  • NOI : $173,769
  • Monthly NOI : $14,481
  • Property Id : 378
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Sumter , SC
$ 3,600,000
  • Year Remaining : 4
  • Cap Rate : 6.60%
  • NOI : $237,600
  • Monthly NOI : $19,800
  • Property Id : 73
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Dollar General
Portsmouth , VA
$ 1,972,800
  • Year Remaining : 8.8
  • Cap Rate : 5.50%
  • NOI : $108,504
  • Monthly NOI : $9,042
  • Property Id : 117
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Taco Bell
Corinth , MS
$ 4,563,000
  • Year Remaining : 11
  • Cap Rate : 5.00%
  • NOI : $228,162
  • Monthly NOI : $19,014
  • Property Id : 338
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SpeeDee Oil Change
College Station , TX
$ 2,620,000
  • Year Remaining : 10
  • Cap Rate : 6.00%
  • NOI : $144,000
  • Monthly NOI : $12,000
  • Property Id : 326
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Net Lease Properties for Sale

If you’re looking for commercial properties for sale, why not go for net lease properties? A net lease is a commercial lease that holds tenants responsible for building expenses apart from their rent. These costs include property taxes, maintenance fees, insurance costs, etc. These investments are perfect for individuals who prefer investing in low-risk commercial properties to achieve a steady cash flow without management and maintenance responsibilities. If this is something you’re looking for then this is the right place! Net Lease World is the best online platform to look for high-quality net lease properties for sale anywhere in the country, no matter your budget.

Types of Net Lease Properties

There are three common net lease property types: single, double, and triple. Each kind has distinct pros and cons for investors. Let’s go through each one in more detail.

Single Net Lease Properties

Single net leases — or N leases — are the least common net lease type. With properties under this lease type, owners transfer minimal amounts of risk to lessees, who are responsible for paying property taxes. The rest of the necessary property expenses like insurance, utilities, and maintenance fall under the landlord’s responsibilities. Tenants under N leases end up paying lower rent than traditional standard leases because of the additional burden from property taxes. However, even higher rent does not equate to the termination of the investors’ responsibility to update expenses. Should a renter miss payments due to the municipality, the burden still falls on the landlord. In most cases, property owners integrate taxes in the rent to ensure that their property does not default on taxes.

Double Net Lease Properties

Double net leases — or NN leases — are particularly popular in commercial real estate. In properties under this lease type, tenants pay property taxes and insurance premiums on top of rent. The rent is typically lower because of the additional responsibilities for lessees. Additionally, landlords cover maintenance costs. For large commercial properties like shopping malls and massive office complexes, investors divide taxes and insurance costs based on the size of the leased space. Landlords should use this technique for areas with different square footage. As with single net lease properties, landlords collect rent and additional payments to forward them to the principals. The tenants pay these costs to landlords, but the owners are ultimately responsible for these payments because their names are on the tax and insurance bills. Landlords often ask renters to forward their payments to them, guaranteeing that the former won’t incur extra fees caused by late payments.

Triple Net Lease Properties

Triple net leases are the most common net lease types in the market. Out of all net lease types, triple net leases — or NNN leases — absolves the most risk for landlords. With triple net lease properties, tenants pay for rent, taxes, insurance, and even structural maintenance. The base rent for NNN leases is also often lower because of the additional expenses for renters. In some cases, maintenance costs skyrocket, leaving tenants attempting to get out of their leases. However, if they agreed to a bondable net lease, they cannot terminate their leases before their expiration dates or alter the rent for any reason. NNN leases may boost operational expenses for tenants, and they may be responsible for insurance policy deductibles and property damages not covered by insurance companies. These leases often last over ten years and include concessions for rent increases.

Pros and Cons of Triple Net Lease Properties for Landlords

We’ve made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of triple net lease properties for owners to help you decide if they’re the ideal investments for you.


  • Long-term occupancy: In most cases, NNN leases last anywhere between ten to fifteen years. This duration is a massive advantage for owners because it removes the risk of income loss while waiting for new renters.
  • Low-risk investment: Since lessees are responsible for most property costs, including taxes and insurance, NNN leases fall under the low-risk category for investors.
  • Steady income source: Triple net lease properties provide investors with a steady revenue stream. It can become a source of consistent monthly income for an extended time frame. Additionally, tenants will cover most unforeseen damages to the property.
  • Build equity: Investors can add net lease properties to their portfolios as conservative, low-risk strategies, helping build equity. They can sell such properties when they want to use their equity for future investments.
  • Reduced duties: If the idea of enjoying mailbox money appeals to you, triple net lease properties are ideal for you. With an NNN lease, you don’t have as many responsibilities as with traditional leases. You can focus on other ventures while still enjoying a continuous income stream.
  • Tax benefits: Tenants in NNN leases are responsible for paying property taxes under the business expenses category. These payments can help you enjoy tax benefits for your property.


  • Earning caps: Investors locked in long-term leases of up to 15 years may lose the chance to increase rent even as property values increase in an area.
  • Vacancy risks: Even in net lease properties, tenants may default. Such circumstances may cause losses.
  • Tax liabilities: Should owners become responsible for property taxes, they incur fines and penalties for late payments, even if tenants are at fault.

Diversify Your Portfolio Now

Through Net Lease World, you can find top-rated net leases and 1031 exchange properties to provide you with reduced-duty, low-risk investments that can help you gain a steady income source for many years to come. We have a diverse range of net lease properties for sale from all over the country to match different needs. Get in touch with our specialists now to create the portfolio of your dreams.

Triple Net Lease for Sale

There are various types of lease agreements landlords and tenants have when it comes to commercial property. One of the most common of these leases is the triple net lease.

What Is a Triple Net Lease?

A triple net lease, often referred to as an NNN lease, is a prevalent lease structure in commercial real estate. Besides the base rent of a tenant, a triple net lease for sale comes with a provision requiring a tenant to shoulder certain expenses associated with leasing a property. These costs, which are known as “the three nets,” are:
  • Net property taxes
  • Net insurance
  • Net operating expenses

What Comes With a Triple Net Lease?

Since the clauses attached to a triple net lease can be complex, it’s important for investors to know what’s included before they sign up for this deal. Learning how it works can be the difference between having a property that meets your needs to one that can be quite restrictive. These are the provisions often included in a NNN lease:
  • Rent amount: The rent clause could include factors apart from the amount you need to pay monthly or quarterly. For instance, the landlord may require automatic rent increase mechanisms, which can have a major impact on the financial capabilities of a tenant over the term of their lease.
  • Lease term: A lease term clause specifies the duration of the lease while including the start and expiration dates. In some instances, renewal options are included here.
  • Property use: The use clause dictates how a tenant can use their leased space. This is one of the most important provisions since it ensures that the tenant uses their leased property properly.
  • Pro-rata operating costs: It’s standard for a tenant to pay for extraneous costs besides rent in a triple net lease. Pro-rata operating costs are designed to cover property taxes, maintenance, and insurance.

Benefits of a Triple Net Lease for Sale

Many landlords prefer triple net leases since they provide them with a steady yet predictable stream of income. Since the expenses of the property are passed on to the tenant, investors know the exact amount of money they can get each month. Generally speaking, triple net leases have a lower rental rate compared to a standard lease. This is primarily since the landlord doesn’t have to deal with all of the other expenses relevant to owning a property. The responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that the amount for property taxes, maintenance, and insurance are included as part of the lease term. With the way a triple net lease works, tenants normally benefit from the cost savings since these are passed on to them.

Browse Our Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale

Net Lease World offers a wide selection of triple net lease properties from across the U.S. You can search for a NNN lease based on state, sector, tenant name, pricing, and more. Find the triple net lease investments to grow your portfolio today.

Triple Net Properties for Sale

Are you looking to invest in triple net properties for sale? NetLease World specializes in triple net leases, working to help you get the best price and terms. With us, you can be confident that a professional real estate broker will negotiate in your stead. Contact us when you need a full-service approach when buying an investment property. NetLease provides various real estate services that include triple net properties for sale. We help buyers like you find the best triple net leases that suit the kind of investment property you are looking for. Triple net properties are also known as NNN properties, in which the responsibility of handling all property expenses falls under the tenant. Our role is to assist you in identifying suitable triple net properties for sale with our professional service that helps you every step of the way. Every day, our team examines hundreds of properties. We also have access to more properties than you can see on our website. By working with us, you get the “first look” and the best deals. But before anything, what exactly is a triple net lease property, and why would it be a great idea to invest in one? Read on to know more about triple net properties for sale.

What Is Triple Net Lease?

Triple net or NNN is a type of commercial real estate lease. In this type of lease, many additional rent expenses associated with operating the property are the tenant’s responsibility. These extra expenses include property taxes, common area maintenance, and building insurance, the three “nets” the name indicates. If you were to rent a triple net property, you would be paying all the extra rent expenses to the landlord every month in addition to your base rent. NNN leases are typical for retail properties, such as banks, pharmacies, and coffee shops. However, they are also becoming more and more common in industrial and office environments. As an investor, however, what are the benefits of this? Why should you be interested in triple net properties for sale? For one, they create a long-term, steady source of income. It means you have a regular revenue while also benefiting from stability and flexibility. Perhaps, the best thing is that operating a triple net property is pretty straightforward. Here are more reasons why triple net lease properties are smart investments:

Low-Risk Investment

Triple net lease is low-risk because investment-grade tenants typically rent the property. This type of lease is one of the most secure investment opportunities since it provides predictable and steady returns. Common tenants usually commit to long-term leases, which means there is a low chance of re-releasement.

Reliable and Steady Income Stream

Triple net properties provide a steady income since tenants pay rent and all other expenses every month. You don’t have to pay the extra costs out of your pocket or do a lot of work related to it. For the most part, you only have to wait to get the payment owed to you, making it an excellent source of passive income.

Long-Term Tenancy

Most NNN tenants rent for the long term. They often sign a 7 to 10+ year contract, which is beneficial for tenants who don’t want to lose their customers. For you, this means a steady income for that long. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about searching for another tenant for a long time.

Nominal Landlord Responsibilities

The landlords of an NNN property have minimal responsibilities, since you are largely free from managerial duties. The tenants handle their own insurance, maintenance, and taxes. As such, they are also responsible for the property’s upkeep. As a result, you don’t have to shoulder much of the burden of managing a property.

Small Chance of Turnover

Most tenants of an NNN property intend to stay for some time. These are successful businesses that have been in operation for many years. As such, you don’t have to worry about turnover with a triple net property.

Tax Deferrents

As with other commercial properties, triple net properties offer significant tax benefits. You can let your profits grow through tax deferments. If your NNN property appreciates and you decide to sell it, you might not have to pay taxes on your gains if you invest it into another property. You can accumulate wealth without paying taxes on your profit by doing this. Considering all of this, you have plenty of benefits to take advantage of with an NNN property. It’s why our triple net properties for sale are among the most popular in the investment properties we help sell. If you’re interested, contact us to learn more.

Invest in Triple Net Properties With NetLease World

If you want to be free from managing property and enjoy passive income, then an NNN property is for you. With that said, don’t hesitate to reach out to NetLease World. We have sold more than a hundred NNN properties in all of our years of service. We know it can be challenging to break into the net leased market but rest assured you can. NetLease World will help you find available properties that suit your needs. For that reason, we encourage you to book an appointment with us. At NetLease World, you can work with an experienced broker who knows about today’s changing markets. Reach out to NetLease World today to find the best triple net properties for sale that fit you the best.

NNN Lease for Sale

Take advantage of a passive income by investing in an NNN lease for sale. Know the benefits of a net lease and having limited landlord responsibilities at Net Lease World.
Are you looking for properties to invest in? How about you go for an NNN lease for sale? NNN or a triple net lease is a type of lease that is increasingly popular these days. In this lease form, the financial responsibilities fall more on the tenant. You would expect it to be the least preferred type of lease, but it is still heavily favored. How come? It has to do with NNN leases coming with several benefits that both the tenants and investors can enjoy. These benefits make an NNN lease for sale an ideal opportunity whether you are a newbie or seasoned investor. Call us to know more about an NNN lease today! [Contact Us]

NNN Lease vs. Other Lease Types

How is an NNN lease for sale different from other types of leases? An NNN property is leased to tenants under a triple net lease. In this case, the tenant is responsible for paying and taking care of the property’s maintenance, real estate taxes, and insurance. It is significantly different from other lease forms where the landlord holds many duties. The unique structure of an NNN property makes it a largely passive investment. The fact that you don’t have to deal with the usual property management properties makes NNN properties popular to investors. Tenants love them too for various benefits, such as allowing them to provide lower rents and locking them in for a longer-term. NNN lease properties are popular investments for good reasons, but not all deals are the same. If you know where to look and what to look for, you can find good quality NNN properties to invest in, which is what we’re here for. Net Lease World is here to assist in your search for the best commercial property to invest in, every step of the way.

What Does Passive Investment Mean in Real Estate?

Passive investment is an investment strategy investors use to look for a source of passive income. A passive investment in real estate refers to a property that can earn an income without requiring too much of their attention. Besides a business that doesn’t require much attention, investors look for a flexible investment. Passive real estate investments are like that, which are properties you don’t need to run directly and manage. The role of a passive investor is simply to invest in the property, then sit and wait for the cash flow generated by their investment. It’s easy, which is why out of the many different forms of passive investments in real estate, NNN lease is the most popular. An NNN property has considerably high returns but less risk. Other real estate leases are also passive investments, but NNN leases are often considered the best among them due to their many benefits.

NNN Lease Landlord Benefits

The primary benefit of an NNN lease for the landlord is passive income. Even though you don’t do many things, your triple net property serves as a reliable source of income that comes to you every month. There are many other benefits, however, including:

Less Risk, High Returns

Almost all of the financial costs and needs of an NNN lease for sale are at the tenant’s hands. An NNN property needs little to no attention from you, the investor. The tenant pays the rent and the other three extra expenses mentioned before. An NNN property is a stable and predictable investment since tenants typically lease long-term. Some of the common tenants of an NNN lease are McDonald’s, 7-11, and Bank of America, large, financially stable, and low-risk companies.

Diversified Portfolio

An NNN lease can be a great addition to an investor’s portfolio. It helps to diversify their portfolio and make it balanced. A balanced portfolio means they invested their money in both high-risk and low-risk securities, a strategy protecting them against downturns. If you add an NNN property to your investment, it also means you can focus more on investments that require more of your attention.

Tax Benefits

You May Not Have To Pay Income TaxAn NNN lease offers three tax advantages. The first is the possibility of not paying state income tax. Net lease tenants like McDonald’s often place themselves in populous locations. These locations often don’t have a state income tax. Prime examples are Nevada, Texas, Washington, Florida, and Wyoming. In this sense, investing in an NNN lease for sale in these cities means you save some on state income tax. Deferred Capital Gains TaxThe second tax benefit of buying an NNN property is deferred capital gains taxes. You can have this incentive through the 1031 exchange, which allows you to use your capital gains or profits from your NNN property for a similar investment. The catch is you must invest your profits within six months of selling your old property. Within that timeline, you can exchange your NNN apartment building for another or another NNN lease as long as you use 100% of your capital gains. Cost-Segregation Depreciation (CSD) TaxYou may also benefit from cost segregation depreciation or CSD tax law. This law involves fast-tracking the depreciation of some building expenses. These costs usually depreciate over decades, but CSD reclassifies them to have a shorter depreciation period. Now that they depreciate much quicker, your business can have some capital freed up for other investments. By shortening the depreciable tax life substantially, such as getting a 100% write-off, your NNN property can enjoy significant tax benefits like reduced tax liability. There are also some risks to an NNN lease for sale, but the gains far outweigh them. It is no wonder that NNN leases stand out among other net lease types.

Browse Our NNN Lease for Sale Today

Are you interested in a commercial real estate investment? Net Lease World is a trusted brokerage firm specializing in NNN leases. We can definitely help you find the right NNN lease for sale that suits your needs for commercial property investment. With that said, reach out to us to learn more about our NNN lease listings! [Contact Us]

Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale

Looking for high-quality triple net lease properties for sale in your vicinity or nationwide? Net Lease World has the top choices for you. Search our database for more details.
A triple net lease, also called an NNN lease, is one of the most common types of leases for commercial real estate. They follow the same format as a standard property deal except the tenant has to should the responsibility of paying for expenses, insurance, and maintenance. There are many advantages that triple net lease properties for sale have to offer, which is also why many investors are after them. If you are looking for high-quality net lease investments such as NNN properties, you can search for them with the help of Net Lease World. We can help you find triple net lease properties nationwide. [Find NNN Properties for Sale]

Advantages of Investing in Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale

To give you an idea of why NNN real estate investments are in demand nowadays, consider the following benefits that these properties provide:

Benefit #1: A Landlord Has to Deal With Fewer Responsibilities

A triple net lease means that any tenant who leases such properties will handle property taxes, building insurance, and common area maintenance. These three “nets” are the duties that get passed on for the tenants to shoulder. This means that investors planning to manage these properties will have fewer responsibilities to deal with regard to maintenance and expenses that come with NNN real estate. Having minimal responsibility in handling triple net lease properties for sale means that landlords can own these properties even if they don’t live near them.

Benefit #2: Investors Are Protected In Case of Increasing Expenses

Given that the expenses in leasing and operating the triple net lease property are passed down to the tenants, any expenses will directly go to them. Landlords won’t be responsible for covering the differences if increases do happen. For instance, if there is an increase in property tax in the coming year, your tenant will have to pay that bill for you. Protection from expense increases is one of the biggest reasons why investors go for NNN investments.

Benefit #3: A Triple Net Lease Property for Sale Can Be Transferred

An NNN lease property can be transferred from one owner to the next. This makes it much easier to exchange them or pass them down to an heir. Many smart investors buy triple net lease properties for sale, make improvements to them for a few years, and then sell them to the next willing buyer. That same buyer can then follow the same approach, making NNN properties quite dynamic and flexible. Although keep in mind that commercial real estate isn’t quite as easy to move compared to other classes. The good news is that they can still be transferred to other individuals in a reasonable amount of time, allowing you to improve it while waiting and then eventually cash out.

Benefit #4: Most Occupancies Are for the Long-Term

There are triple net lease properties today that have longer-term occupancy deals compared to others. Such agreements are particularly common among single-tenant leases with regional or national credit tenants. In fact, you can usually expect to have the same tenant for a minimum of 10 years. Of course, this is going to depend on the type of tenant that you get, the property you own, and more. But given that most occupancies for NNN investments are for the long-term, you can collect rent for many years and not worry too much about the expenses and maintenance that comes with it. The most important aspect is to choose a tenant that you can rely on to follow through with your deal.

Benefit #5: You Get a Reliable Passive Income Source

All rented and leased properties have the potential to provide their landlords with passive income, but triple net lease investments are even better. With regards to passive income, these NNN leases are some of the best performing choices today. Since tenants with strong credit usually obtain these types of properties, landlords are often guaranteed consistent, passive income for many years to come. Additionally, hiring an adept property manager can do wonders for landlords. Your staff can take care of any issues that arise with the tenant and collect rent. Most of the responsibility of managing your property will be addressed by this individual. You simply make sure that everything is in correct working order and your triple net lease property will generate money for a long time.

What If a Triple Net Lease Property Requires Major Repairs?

If significant repairs are needed for a NNN property investment, it often boils down to the type of lease as well as the agreement signed between the landlord and their tenant. Often, pure triple net lease properties for sale will have the tenant shoulder all repairs and maintenance necessary. However, many landlords would choose to pay for repairs that have to do with the structural integrity of their property, including the roof. Since there’s still a lack of standardization in the industry, it’s vital for landlords and tenants to understand their lease terms thoroughly to make sure that responsibilities are made clear at the start of the term.

Are Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale Worth It?

Triple net lease properties for sale are among the most popular commercial real estate investments that are made today. Many investors seek these types of properties because of the minimal responsibilities and fewer risks that go with these deals. A NNN property is known for providing a steady flow of passive income while ensuring that most contracts are for the long haul. Besides most tenants being reliable, triple net lease properties are also incredibly hands-off. This means that you won’t have to deal with expenses and having to manage the property constantly. If you are looking for triple net lease properties today, check out our database at Net Lease World to find high-quality NNN investments nationwide. [Find NNN Properties for Sale]