How is NNN calculated?

How is NNN calculated?

Looking for commercial realty like office, retail, warehouse or industrial spaces, various lease types are under your consideration and it is vital not to be wrong with your choice.

Whether you are an interested investor or tenant, the NNN lease will certainly be profitable for both sides. So, how is NNN calculated? What does such an agreement signify? We are going to determine this with the NNN bargain advantages included.

NNN notion

It is the real estate lease kind where the NNN abbreviation stands for a triple net lease. Unlike other bargains requiring only a tenant base rental fee calculated per sq. ft., this one is different. It makes the renter liable for covering operating expenses to the fullest. That’s why the NNN sum is considerably less than in single or double leases.

Let’s consider the example. Suppose the rent fee of the retail space you have an interest in forms $30 per sq. ft. a year. Thus, this number is the base rate denoting the minimal amount just for leasing. Remember, you also have to add up extra money related to operating costs. The lessor will provide you with the rate per square foot to pay for additional NNN expenses. Such costs may vary depending on the property, but commonly they do not exceed the main rent rate.

NNN Included Expenses

Exiting the NNN agreement, people often do not understand what costs they should be liable for. Property taxes, insurance and CAM, are on the list. If the two first points are clear, common area maintenance may cause confusion. This field, in most cases, involves an outside area like snow removal or roof and parking lot maintenance. That way, do not neglect the small agreement font and read the terms carefully before signing.

So, a lessor is guided by these net costs to set the NNN sum.

For instance, a renter should pay $10000 in realty tax, $3000 in the building insurance and $3000 in its keeping per year, $16000 in total costs yearly. So, the NNN amount for the space of 4000 SF. will be $4 per square foot a year ($16000/ 4000 sqft).

Still, suppose the building has numerous spaces. In that case, the NNN sum can be significantly smaller due to the landlord distributing the expenses equally among all the renters and their renting square footage. It works in the following way. For instance, all-in-all operating costs for a 2000 sqft property are $10000. Thus, the overall NNN amount is $5/ sqft in a year. If there are four tenants each renting for 500 sqft, everyone will pay $1.25/ sqft yearly for NNN expenses.

Other NNN Costs to Pay Off

Sometimes people do not count that apart from the operating property costs, there are others to include for running the business. For example, renters often forget to consider gas, electricity, water and Internet services

Since NNN fees are not always transparent, it will be good to ask the property owner or realty specialist to provide the info connected with NNN utilities’ charges. As soon as you find out the specific number, you may sum it up to the main rent and reach the exact amount of your space leasing costs a month.

Examine the example for your better understanding. Say that the realty agent lets you know NNN charges will be $5 / sqft per year and suppose your base rental payment is $25. Thus to learn the overall rent per month, you should add the previous two figures, divide by 12 months and multiply by the square feet number you are going to rent. Let’s imagine your leasing space stands for 2000 sqft. So to figure out how much you will be a fee, do the below-mentioned calculations:

( 25+5 = 30) / 12

= $2.5

x 2000

= $5000 monthly rent payment

Having a clear vision of the NNN calculation processes now, we should study its investing advantages in-depth.

Why NNN Lease Investment Is a Perfect Decision?

Lasting Possession

Each NNN lease is unique, but you can come upon one unchangeable thing – long-term occupancy. Some tenants exit agreements even for 25 years. Since the lessee will possess the property for an extended period, it will ensure the lessor with incredible comfort and confidence in the future.

Low-Risk Level

Owing to the renter being liable for all the property-related issues, from insurance and tax fees to constant building-keeping expenses, a NNN lease agreement is a highly profitable and minimal-risk bargain for investors.

Steady Income Flow

You will never be deprived of income when investing in the NNN leased property. Credible tenants will provide you with a stable profit each month over a lasting time. Besides, in case of the building damage, the renter, not the lessor, will pay the bills. That makes such an agreement yet more attractive investment for lessors.

Building Capital

If you wonder what lease bargain is the best fitting for valuable investments, the NNN is exactly that one. Its well-thought-out, minimal-risk strategy can definitely help you build solid capital. Moreover, investors may put their property for sale whenever they want. Commonly, it happens when the market peaks or they find a much more beneficial investment opportunity.

Fewer Landlord Liabilities

Compared to other leasing types, the NNN one offers lessors more freedom. As they have no property-connected expenses liabilities, accordingly more time and money to develop other ventures or explore other investing appear.


As practice shows, leasing NNN properties are typically in easily accessible areas and next to the city center or other famous spots. It will be only a win-win for tenants due to intense people traffic and their visiting of neighboring buildings.

Taxes Benefits

Since property taxes are the part of regular tenants’ payments they are responsible for, they may try to include these costs in their business expenses and get specific tax benefits for running the business.

Final Thoughts

If you are in deep reflection on what kind of lease investment to choose, it is worth giving NNN a shot. Having such powerful benefits, it will doubtless become your lifetime investment. Suppose you can’t handle NNN calculations? Just arm with our provided info and the NNN counting will be easy as a pie.

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