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Red Robin
Richmond Heights , MO
$ 3,100,000
  • Year Remaining : 12
  • Cap Rate : 5.50%
  • NOI : $170,000
  • Monthly NOI : $14,167
  • Property Id : 772
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North Las Vegas , NV
$ 3,700,000
  • Year Remaining :
  • Cap Rate : 3.78%
  • NOI : $140,008
  • Monthly NOI : $11,667
  • Property Id : 186
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Taco Bell
Little Chute , WI
$ 1,919,480
  • Year Remaining : 14.3
  • Cap Rate : 5.00%
  • NOI : $95,974
  • Monthly NOI : $7,998
  • Property Id : 686
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Family Dollar
Yadkinville , NC
$ 1,337,932
  • Year Remaining : 2
  • Cap Rate : 7.25%
  • NOI : $97,000
  • Monthly NOI : $8,083
  • Property Id : 635
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Home Depot
Brooklyn Park , MN
$ 26,267,847
  • Year Remaining :
  • Cap Rate : 5.90%
  • NOI : $1,549,803
  • Monthly NOI : $129,150
  • Property Id : 667
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Just Tires
Hanover Park , IL
$ 1,472,730
  • Year Remaining : 11.3
  • Cap Rate : 5.50%
  • NOI : $81,000
  • Monthly NOI : $6,750
  • Property Id : 488
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Bank of America
Minneapolis , MN
$ 3,059,000
  • Year Remaining : 15
  • Cap Rate : 4.25%
  • NOI : $130,000
  • Monthly NOI : $10,833
  • Property Id : 672
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Dollar General
Sylvester , GA
$ 1,581,000
  • Year Remaining : 8.4
  • Cap Rate : 5.75%
  • NOI : $90,940
  • Monthly NOI : $7,578
  • Property Id : 298
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Bradenton , FL
$ 1,665,000
  • Year Remaining : 10.5
  • Cap Rate : 4.00%
  • NOI : $66,600
  • Monthly NOI : $5,550
  • Property Id : 62
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Fort Mill , SC
$ 3,120,000
  • Year Remaining : 7.9
  • Cap Rate : 5.25%
  • NOI : $163,680
  • Monthly NOI : $13,640
  • Property Id : 128
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Chase Bank
Fresno , CA
$ 3,708,800
  • Year Remaining : 4
  • Cap Rate : 4.50%
  • NOI : $166,896
  • Monthly NOI : $13,908
  • Property Id : 335
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Seekonk , MA
$ 11,000,000
  • Year Remaining : 17.6
  • Cap Rate : 5.00%
  • NOI : $550,000
  • Monthly NOI : $45,833
  • Property Id : 250
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Dollar General
Spruce Pine , NC
$ 1,851,849
  • Year Remaining : 10
  • Cap Rate : 5.30%
  • NOI : $98,148
  • Monthly NOI : $8,179
  • Property Id : 396
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Dollar General
Moss Point , MS
$ 1,561,415
  • Year Remaining : 7.7
  • Cap Rate : 6.50%
  • NOI : $101,492
  • Monthly NOI : $8,458
  • Property Id : 74
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Mission , TX
$ 4,686,000
  • Year Remaining : 14
  • Cap Rate : 4.35%
  • NOI : $203,837
  • Monthly NOI : $16,986
  • Property Id : 436
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Woodstock , GA
$ 4,707,000
  • Year Remaining : 6.2
  • Cap Rate : 6.25%
  • NOI : $294,168
  • Monthly NOI : $24,514
  • Property Id : 489
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If you’re looking for commercial properties for sale, why not go for net lease properties? A net lease is a commercial lease that holds tenants responsible for building expenses apart from their rent. These costs include property taxes, maintenance fees, insurance costs, etc.

These investments are perfect for individuals who prefer investing in low-risk commercial properties to achieve a steady cash flow without management and maintenance responsibilities. If this is something you’re looking for then this is the right place! Net Lease World is the best online platform to look for high-quality net lease properties for sale anywhere in the country, no matter your budget.

Types of Net Lease Properties

There are three common net lease property types: single, double, and triple. Each kind has distinct pros and cons for investors. Let’s go through each one in more detail.

Single Net Lease Properties

Single net leases — or N leases — are the least common net lease type. With properties under this lease type, owners transfer minimal amounts of risk to lessees, who are responsible for paying property taxes. The rest of the necessary property expenses like insurance, utilities, and maintenance fall under the landlord’s responsibilities.

Tenants under N leases end up paying lower rent than traditional standard leases because of the additional burden from property taxes. However, even higher rent does not equate to the termination of the investors’ responsibility to update expenses.

Should a renter miss payments due to the municipality, the burden still falls on the landlord. In most cases, property owners integrate taxes in the rent to ensure that their property does not default on taxes.

Double Net Lease Properties

Double net leases — or NN leases — are particularly popular in commercial real estate. In properties under this lease type, tenants pay property taxes and insurance premiums on top of rent. The rent is typically lower because of the additional responsibilities for lessees. Additionally, landlords cover maintenance costs.

For large commercial properties like shopping malls and massive office complexes, investors divide taxes and insurance costs based on the size of the leased space. Landlords should use this technique for areas with different square footage.

As with single net lease properties, landlords collect rent and additional payments to forward them to the principals. The tenants pay these costs to landlords, but the owners are ultimately responsible for these payments because their names are on the tax and insurance bills.

Landlords often ask renters to forward their payments to them, guaranteeing that the former won’t incur extra fees caused by late payments.

Triple Net Lease Properties

Triple net leases are the most common net lease types in the market.

Out of all net lease types, triple net leases — or NNN leases — absolves the most risk for landlords. With triple net lease properties, tenants pay for rent, taxes, insurance, and even structural maintenance. The base rent for NNN leases is also often lower because of the additional expenses for renters.

In some cases, maintenance costs skyrocket, leaving tenants attempting to get out of their leases. However, if they agreed to a bondable net lease, they cannot terminate their leases before their expiration dates or alter the rent for any reason.

NNN leases may boost operational expenses for tenants, and they may be responsible for insurance policy deductibles and property damages not covered by insurance companies. These leases often last over ten years and include concessions for rent increases.

Pros and Cons of Triple Net Lease Properties for Landlords

We’ve made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of triple net lease properties for owners to help you decide if they’re the ideal investments for you.


  • Long-term occupancy: In most cases, NNN leases last anywhere between ten to fifteen years. This duration is a massive advantage for owners because it removes the risk of income loss while waiting for new renters.
  • Low-risk investment: Since lessees are responsible for most property costs, including taxes and insurance, NNN leases fall under the low-risk category for investors.
  • Steady income source: Triple net lease properties provide investors with a steady revenue stream. It can become a source of consistent monthly income for an extended time frame. Additionally, tenants will cover most unforeseen damages to the property.
  • Build equity: Investors can add net lease properties to their portfolios as conservative, low-risk strategies, helping build equity. They can sell such properties when they want to use their equity for future investments.
  • Reduced duties: If the idea of enjoying mailbox money appeals to you, triple net lease properties are ideal for you. With an NNN lease, you don’t have as many responsibilities as with traditional leases. You can focus on other ventures while still enjoying a continuous income stream.
  • Tax benefits: Tenants in NNN leases are responsible for paying property taxes under the business expenses category. These payments can help you enjoy tax benefits for your property.


  • Earning caps: Investors locked in long-term leases of up to 15 years may lose the chance to increase rent even as property values increase in an area.
  • Vacancy risks: Even in net lease properties, tenants may default. Such circumstances may cause losses.
  • Tax liabilities: Should owners become responsible for property taxes, they incur fines and penalties for late payments, even if tenants are at fault.

Diversify Your Portfolio Now

Through Net Lease World, you can find top-rated net leases and 1031 exchange properties to provide you with reduced-duty, low-risk investments that can help you gain a steady income source for many years to come.

We have a diverse range of net lease properties for sale from all over the country to match different needs. Get in touch with our specialists now to create the portfolio of your dreams.